mercredi 13 juillet 2016

You know that you were never good enough

Human error, by Victoria Siemer

Flooded my mind with liquors and luminescent, temporary love
Dissolved shame in memories' drawers torn open;
Ransacked reminiscing in consciousness' misty alleys
Fingers in wet mouth, teeth tracing sharp collarbones-
What remains is enough to long for bodies long gone
And yet, somewhere, lost, is the sense of desire
For else than the numbness of thick, cotton ball sleep

Comes morning tide:
Sleepless dawns,
Responsible wives and husbands dropping lunch boxes at school
Foul taste under tongues and leaky mascara, caked foundation-
I always end up remembering my name, my salvation remains
A temporary amnesia, an apocalyptic feminine Sisyphus

I am not the one who sold my youth away.
She was stolen from my brain
By a hand,
Sheer satin gloves...
Or maybe iron oven mittens.

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