jeudi 29 août 2013

There's a limit to your care, so carelessly there

Un ancien déboire rapide écrit en une nuit d'insomnie. Je l'ai retrouvé dans mes tiroirs durant un immense ménage de ma piaule, probablement pour essayer de faire de l'ordre dans ma vie avant mon entrée à l'université.

There was once a little girl who just could not sleep
So she burnt nights out trying not to weep
Putting on fires in her brain until thoughts were gone
Then carelessly laying on her back waiting for dawn

She found little peace in bottles' empty limbs
From which she sought escape in sudden bizarre whims
Flooding memories away in bottomless drinks
Drenching useless hours in alcohol's black ink

Oh it wasn't she hadn't any friends
But they didn't make the road until the nightmare's end
She scattered them away like pennies in a river
Rapidly passed by her, as quick as a shiver

And tonight she'll munch yet another magic pill
In order to put to sleep her soul, halas still ill
Though the little girl is a grown woman now
Seems like for her, peace of mind's not allowed.

Je m'ennuie de mon petit con qui ne me répond plus après qu'on ait couchés ensemble aussi inutilement que la dernière fois. Je peux pas dire si c'est parce qu'il tient trop ou trop peu à moi.

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